Northern California Region of the
Classic Car Club of America

Welcome to the official web site of NorCal CCCA. We are dedicated to furthering the hobby of preserving, exhibiting, and driving Full Classic™ automobiles in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

The majority of NorCal CCCA members hail from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We maintain an intriguing collection of classic marques, including Packard, Cadillac, Buick, Auburn, Chrysler, Cord, Pierce-Arrow, Stutz, and Rolls Royce, Lincoln and others.

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We sponsor a variety of activities intended to foster the enjoyment of vehicles from the classic era. We organize CARavans™ (driving tours using classic cars to destinations of special interest), Grand Classics™ (CCCA regional judged shows of members cars using National CCCA judging standards), classic car exhibitions and formal dinners. Our activities offer members the opportunity to network and consult each other about restoration projects, parts sources, and cars for sale.

In 2014 we are celebrating our 50-th year as a region of the CCCA. We have received an award in recognition of that achievement.

We publish an award winning newsletter called the NorCal Classic Overview with wonderfully detailed stories about our classic cars and what they mean to their owners. Six times a year, we feature a members classic car, report on past events and distribute information of interest to our members.

You don't need a classic car, but you do need an interest in them to be a NorCal CCCA member. If this sounds good to you, why not join us, today? Follow this link for our application form.

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The members of the NorCal CCCA Board of Managers, their duties, dates their appointments expire and selected contact information is listed below. Consult your national CCCA Handbook or NorCal CCCA Membership Directory for more detailed contact information.

  • David Clover, Director
  • Ed Holloway, Assistant Director
  • Ed Gunther, Treasurer
  • Henry Hopkins, Secretary
  • Rod Dahlgren
  • Joe Hensler
  • Fred Kern
  • Lynn Kissel, Website

The NorCal CCCA webmaster is Lynn Kissel. For reports of errors on these pages or other comments, you can send email to him at ().